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The unique set of electrical parameters -RF Filters which have no analogues in the world!
AEC Design has RF SAW Filters and Resonators that exceed performance specifications of world-leading manufacturers. If you do not find SAW Filter for your application, we always aim to make every effort to design a brand-new product or create a prototype that totally meets your requirements.
We offer a wide range of services - From new design to end-of-life products!
AEC Design provides new design, complete solutions, modification of existing designs and prototype service. On customer request we supply end-of-life components. Although we recommend to use new products, we are ready to manufacture end-of-life SAW components so long as it is necessary.
Are you looking for an obsolete RF product replacement? - We are ready to produce a discontinued product!
We can manufacture quality replacements for obsolete products of world RF manufacturers.
No minimum order quantity is required - You can order just 1 piece!
There is no minimum purchase order value. Our customers can purchase one or many.

Space qualified RF products!
We provide high reliability SAW components for use in harsh environmental conditions (wide temperature range and vibration resistant).
Customers support - Successful product implementation!
Our engineering team works in partnership with customers to meet customer's unique business and technical requirements.
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Design and manufacturing of frequency control devices and subsequent technical support.

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