AEC Design creates custom precision RF devices that meet specialized specifications and applications for the industrial market. We design and manufacture SAW Filters, Resonators, Delay Lines, SAW Sensors and also Microwave Filters for commercial applications. Our engineers will make every effort to match and even exceed customer's specifications with short deadlines. We are able to produce prototypes to orders up to hundred of units. If you need more, we can produce this lot at our facility AEC.


  • Critical performance specifications
  • Wide frequency ranges
  • High precision
  • Special packaging
  • Low cost
  • Low sensitivity to environment
Industrial Application


  • GLONASS-GPS Navigators
  • Telecommunications
  • Wireless Infrastructure
  • RFID Systems
  • Metrology
Industrial Application


  • SAW Resonators, SAW Delay Lines, SAW IF Filters, SAW Filterbanks
  • SAW Low Loss Front End Filters
  • SAW Chirp and PSK compressors and expanders
  • SAW Sensors
Industrial Application
AEC Design
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Design and manufacturing of frequency control devices and subsequent technical support.

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