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Surface Acoustic Wave Devices

AEC Design's Experience

AEC DESIGN company manufactures comprehensive line of precision SAW Bandpass Filters, SAW Delay Lines, Microwave Filters and other frequency control devices designed for Radio Frequency industries. Our IF and RF solutions are excellent choice for telecommunication, navigation and radar systems. We have over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing components to the highest international standards. More detailed information about us...

Our Focus

Specializing in the most exacting target markets Aerospace and Defence AEC DESIGN provides high performance and quality. We design custom RF components to meet stringent specific requirements demanding in military, aerospace and also commercial applications. Our engineers continue to evolve with the latest in technology over new frequencies and always are ready to assist customers with product requirements. Find out about our features...
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96.01 MHz SAW Filter

NEW High selectivity SAW Filter 96.01 MHz, Bandwidth 6 MHz. Device is encapsulated in DLCC14-10 SMD package. See details here:

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SAW Filter A191-165M1

New Low Loss (2 dB) Wideband 191-165M1 SAW Filter is upgraded version of SAW Filter A072-164.85M1 (see comparison figure).

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Hairpinline Microwave Filter 3425 MHz

Microwave Narrow Band filter A400-3425M1, Central Frequency 3425 MHz, Bandwidth 30 MHz. See details here:

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