Have you found the product that is close to your requirements except a center frequency? We can provide you service called rescale and move a device to the new frequency. We will design a new RF component in a shot term and at low price!

RESCALEThe price for the rescaled device starts with 1000 Euro. Rescale includes the work of designer, manufacturing of photomask, 5 pilot samples, all the necessary technical specifications and one test jig or evaluation board.

If you have found in our catalog a component, which satisfy your inquiry except the package, we can mount the crystal with chip in the required package in the case when its dimensions allow to do it.

REPACKAGETechnical parameters of the packages differ, that may cause some changes in typical parameters of the final product. Depending on the task complexity and other conditions the price for repackage starts from 500 euro. This price will cover the necessary design, detailed specification, making of one test jig or evaluation board and 5 pilot samples.

SAW Sensors

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Design and manufacturing of frequency control devices and subsequent technical support.

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