Have you found the product that is close to your requirements except a center frequency? We can provide you service called rescale and move a device to the new frequency. We will design a new RF component in a shot term and at low price!

RESCALEThe price for the rescaled device starts with 1000 Euro. Rescale includes the work of designer, manufacturing of photomask, 5 pilot samples, all the necessary technical specifications and one test jig or evaluation board.

If you have found in our catalog a component, which satisfy your inquiry except the package, we can mount the crystal with chip in the required package in the case when its dimensions allow to do it.

REPACKAGETechnical parameters of the packages differ, that may cause some changes in typical parameters of the final product. Depending on the task complexity and other conditions the price for repackage starts from 500 euro. This price will cover the necessary design, detailed specification, making of one test jig or evaluation board and 5 pilot samples.

AEC DESIGN offers a line of precision standard SAW Resonators
  • Frequencies cover from 100 MHz to 3 GHz
  • Quality factor value of SAW Resonator can exceed 30000
  • Quartz temperature and long term stability
  • High power
  • Hermetic All Quartz Package (AQP)
We design and manufacture custom specification SAW Resonators
  • Electrical parameters and package according to a customer requirements
  • Special environmental conditions, such as special turnover temperature
  • Narrowband filters frequency matched with resonator are available
If you need a discontinued SAW Resonators of a RF world leader manufacturer, we are ready to design and produce a component that retain all features of the required product:
  • Pin-to-pin compatibility
  • Identical electrical parameters
  • Matching circuit configuration
Choose one of our standard SAW Resonators or let us modify or design a product to meet your requirements. We can assist you in the selection of SAW Resonators.

Please contact our engineer if you require any further information.

SAW Resonators

Part NumberCenter Frequency
ConfigurationPackage typeLoaded QUntuned IL
Material Additional
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A274-280M1280One PortQCC12B2300-237YX Quartz  
A274-280M2280One PortTO392200-1.937YX Quartz pdf
A144-280.0M1280One PortQCC8800-0.142LTO pdf
A144-287.0M1287One PortQCC8800-0.142LTO pdf
A144-305.0M1305One PortQCC8350-0.142LTO pdf
A046-400M1400One PortSIP4M43003.5Quartz pdf
A144-422.0M1422One PortQCC8400-0.136LTO pdf
A144-426.0M1426One PortQCC8400-0.136LTO pdf
A046-429.5M1429.5One PortSIP4M4300-4.536YX Quartz pdf
A144-430.0M1430One PortQCC8400-0.136LTO pdf
AE1446M-431.5431.5One PortSIP4M2500-636YX Quartz  
AE1446M-432432One PortSIP4M2500-636YX Quartz  
AE1446M-432.5432.5One PortSIP4M2500-636YX Quartz  
AE1446M-433433One PortSIP4M2500-636YX Quartz  
AE1446M435435One PortSIP4M2500-636YX Quartz  
A174-500M1500Two PortTO394000-6.533YX Quartz pdf
A374-500M1500Two PortAQP18000-4.133YX Quartz pdf
A374-500M2500Two PortSIP6M18000-4.133YX Quartz pdf
A374-502M2502Two PortSIP6M18000-5.136YX Quartz pdf
A074-800M1800One PortQCC12B25001.836Quartz pdf
A074-924M1924One PortSIP4M2500-1.836YX Quartz pdf
A074-936M1936One PortSIP4M2500-336YX Quartz pdf
A174-1000M11000Two PortSIP6M14000*-636YX Quartz pdf
A076-1064M11064One PortSIP4M4300-3.536YX Quartz pdf
A174-1532.15M11532.15Two PortTO394000-9.536YX Quartz pdf
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